The Absolute Book

Thrilled to share my review of this one. Thank you Sriya for my advanced copy.

Taryn Cornick barely remembers the family library. Since her sister was murdered, she’s forgotten so much.

Now it’s all coming back. The fire. The thief. The scroll box. People are asking questions about the library. Questions that might relate to her sister’s murder.

And something called The Absolute Book.

A book in which secrets are written – and which everyone believes only she can find. They insist Taryn be the hunter. But she knows the truth.

She is the hunted . . .

The Absolute Book is a tale of sisters, ancient blood, a forgotten library, murder, revenge and a book that might just have the answer to everything.

My Bookish Thoughts

This is a book with the most gorgeous and inviting cover. I absolutely couldn’t wait to get stuck into this one. It definitely hasn’t disappointed.

Tarryn has been an interesting character who has had to deal with the death of her sister I have found that the real world and fantasy world have been well blended throughout this one.

This is a book filled with mythology references. However, this is a well written and mystery filled novel. I have loved this and devoured the novel quicker than I had expected.

This is a book which is completely unique to anything I have read previously. There are deep themes intertwined within the pages of this novel. This is my first read by this author but I have definitely been converted as a fan. I absolutely want to read more.


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