The Moon Over Kilmore Quay

When your heart belongs in two places, can you ever truly find home?

Brooklyn, New York,
Bea has grown up in the heart of the Irish community, always hearing stories of home. When she discovers a letter from her younger self, written years before, it sends her deep into her own family history.

Kilmore Quay, Ireland.
Years earlier, Lucy Mernagh leaves her much-loved home and family in search of the New York dream. The Big Apple is a world away from the quiet village she grew up in, and the longing for home aches within her.

When Bea uncovers a shocking secret, it takes her back across the water to Kilmore Quay, where – finally – long-buried truths will come to light. But fate has one last twist in store…

This has to be one of the best books I’ve read. This has been completely unpredictable and filled with friendships, love, betrayal and loss.

I have been completely hooked by this one and completely unable to work out what was going to happen next. I love the strong sense of Ireland In this one. It’s definitely made this one a winner for me.

The dual timeline has been fantastic in letting us know more in depth. This has been well thought out and fantastic to read.

This is definitely a fantastic author, this book will steal your heart and you will be unable to stop thinking about this long after finishing.

I have loved this heartwarming read and will definitely be recommending this one. There is nothing to dislike about about this book.

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