Love At Cafe Lompar

Thrilled to join Random Things Tours for this one today.

From the Cover

Can a journey that begins in betrayal ever end in joy?

Grace believed she had the ideal marriage, but after Dan dies, she finds proof he had another family. Kat can’t admit that her father was less than perfect. Mother and daughter go to Montenegro to find out the truth.

But when they track down Rosa and her son, while Grace is heart-broken, Kat can’t help being thrilled to have a brother. Kat starts helping out ‘just for a few days’ at Rosa’s restaurant, the Café Lompar. Soon both women are torn between their old and new lives, facing impossible choices.

This is a book that captured me at the gorgeous cover. I know as readers we shouldn’t judge a book by the cover but how could I possibly resist this absolutely stunning scene. The synopsis just made me want to lose myself in the pages of this book and escape.

I definitely haven’t been disappointed, there is a strong mother/daughter bond in this one and it has really strengthened this as a read for me. I have found this intriguing and loved trying to work out what secrets would unravel next. I have been unsuccessful at working this out.

This is a novel which is well plotted and flows seamlessly. I have found that certain aspects have pulled on my emotions and I have been completely pulled in. This is a wonderful and extremely promising debut novel and I can safely say I am already excited to read more by this author.

This is a book with a beautiful setting and pages filled with banter, love and affection. This book has been a great read to lift my mood and I have devoured the entire novel in just one sitting.

Happy Reading,

Little Miss Book Lover xoxox

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