The Burning Secret

Thrilled to join the blog tour for this one today.

In 1844 Enoch Price was born into poverty. An ambitious youth, he becomes a bare-knuckle fighter amongst London’s underworld. In debt to a violent and unscrupulous moneylender and facing ruin and imprisonment, he escapes to Jacksonville, Florida, abandoning his wife and three young daughters, a decision that will haunt him for the rest of his life. By the time he arrives in Florida, Enoch Price has become Harry Mason.

Through a series of thrilling and risky escapades, he plays an important role in the development and history of Jacksonville, building an extraordinary new life of political and financial notoriety, the shooting of a rival, and the concealment of a murder. Despite imploring his wife to join him, she declines, exhausted by his lies. Tormented by loneliness and guilt, Harry seeks solace through a bigamous marriage, leading him into a web of deceit as he tries to conceal his true identity and past. Meanwhile, lauded and enjoying popular success, Harry is elected in 1903 to the Florida State House of Representatives with the prospect of becoming State Governor. He advances his business interests through a series of corrupt practices, becoming a wealthy and successful politician. However, success brings neither happiness nor contentment, and, seeking redemption, Harry plans to return home – but life is rarely that simple as the First World War breaks out, the Spanish flu pandemic takes its toll, and the American government introduces prohibition. Will there be a good end for Harry, or will his secrets prove to be the death of him?

This is historical fiction based on real life events. That was what intrigued me about this one from the beginning. My curiosity wanted to know what this was going to explore and what events I would be reading about.

This is an entertaining read and one that could easily be on tv or big screen. This is a book that has kept me guessing from early on and hasn’t disappointed.

This is a book with some really serious key themes: love, crime and cheating. Each of these have added their own element to this book. This has clearly been well-researched and I would love to know more.

This is a new author for me, I highly doubt this will be the last book I read by this author. Enoch has been interesting, I enjoyed the journey into the depths into the underworld.

The Burning Secret is a book which is dramatic but moves at a great pace. This is a book with adventure and morality all rolled into the pages of one great read.

I will absolutely recommend this book to fans of the genre. I look forward to seeing what the author writes next.


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