Summer of Secrets

In this emotional novel based on Greece’s real history we follow three generations of one family, broken apart by secrets and war, as Olivia travels to the island of her mother’s birth to piece together a century’s worth of her family’s past.

On the Greek island of Castellorizo young Sofía must put her big dreams on hold to support her older sister Maria with her large family. But World War II is looming and while the idyllic island may seem far from harm at first, there are unspeakable dangers on the horizon – perils that will change the sisters’ lives forever . . .

Devastated by her divorce and the death of her dear mum, Olivia seeks solace on Castellorizo. Her Granny Sofía fled the beautiful Greek island during the war, but Olivia knows little else about her family’s history. The only link to the Island she has left is her elderly great-uncle George. As his memory begins to fail, Olivia feels her one chance at uncovering the truth about her grandmother start to slip away.

As a mother’s sacrifice echoes throughout the generations, will Olivia discover some things are best left in the past?

This is a gorgeous read, I’m so thankful that Tracy has introduced me to Wilson with this tour as I definitely need to be reading more books by this author.

The Summer of Secrets is a gorgeous yet emotional read which has been one that I have devoured. Olivia is a stunning main character and the journey through this one has been a rollercoaster that I haven’t wanted to end.

This is beautifully written and flows perfectly. Wilson has transported me and I feel as though I have been with Olivia finding out the secrets that are hidden in the pages. Sofia has been an interesting one to read about and on times, I’ve found it rather thought provoking.

The setting of this is gorgeous and Wilson sets the scene perfectly. This is a story which I’ve thought about for a while after reading.

I am a converted fan of this author following this book. This is a great read and one that has converted me as a fan of the author.

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