Tell Me An Ending

Thrilled to join the blog tour for this one today.

What if you didn’t have to live with your worst memories?

Across the world, thousands of people are shocked to receive an email telling them that they once chose to have a traumatic memory removed. Now they are being given the chance to get that memory back.

For Mei, William, Oscar and Finn there is a piece missing, but they’re not sure what. And each of them must decide if the truth is worth the pain, or better left unknown.

For Noor, who works at the memory clinic Nepenthe, the process of reinstating their patients’ memories begins to shake the moral foundations of her world. As she delves deeper into the programme, she will have to risk everything to uncover the true human cost of this miraculous technology.

An exploration of secrets, grief, identity and belonging – of the stories we tell ourselves, and come to rely on, Tell Me An Ending is a sharp, dark and devastating novel about the power and danger of memory.

Would you have your worst memories removed? I’ve asked myself this question so many times whilst reading this book. It’s been a thought provoking concept from the get go.

In this book we meet five main protagonists , each with their own struggles and troubles. The plot is complex, disturbing but extremely clever. I was instantly pulled into this one and completely unwilling to put them down.

This is original, unique and makes you question what you would do, which memories you would get rid of. This book will trigger many emotions as you read. It is easy to be caught up in the events and emotions of the characters.

Harkin has included tension throughout this one. I have found myself suspicious of characters and completely unable to predict where this gem was going.

I have been completely transported by the writing in this one. I have felt connected to the characters and been craving more and more. Jo Harkin is definitely an author to watch out for and this is a book that should definitely be on the TBR.

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