The Husband Trap

Absolutely delighted to receive an early copy of this gem.

He’s just proposed to his girlfriend—but another woman has him in her sights, in this terrifying thriller by the author of My Dead Husband.

Liam finally popped the question, and Emily said yes. But that very same night, Liam gets abducted . . . and wakes up to a nightmare.

On a large estate in the middle of nowhere, Liam finds himself the object of a woman’s twisted affections—and confined to a stone cell. A servant ignores him. A guard watches over him.

Meanwhile, Emily struggles to take care of their newborn child and tries to find the strength to move on. Can Liam ever escape and recover the life that was stolen from him—or will this bizarre prison be the last place he ever sees?

My Bookish Thoughts

This is a book I went into with nothing more than seeing the cover. I adore NJ Moss and knew that whatever this plot was, I was going to be completely enthralled and addicted.

I wasn’t wrong, this book has been completely addictive, pulled me into a complete lull and taken my emotions on a rollercoaster. On occasions, I’ve wanted to get off. This has made me emotional, angry and extremely suffocated. However, I’ve been completely hooked and immersed by this one.

Moss has created a masterpiece which is completely timely and definitely relevant. This is well written and will transport you. I’ve read all of this author’s books (and adore them all) but this raises the standard completely. Moss has examined a number of elements in this one and it’s really hard to delve into these without giving away any spoilers.

Imagine having the perfect life, everything you’d ever wanted for yourself- a nice home, engaged, baby on the way. Only for it to be ripped away from you, for you to be prisoner of someone who has decided you are the one for them. The control and mental torture which is embedded in the pages of this one really makes the reader feel Liam’s anguish.

This is a book which has made me feel so emotional, I’ve been pulled right into the turmoil experienced by Liam and Emily. There have been moments of tears. Maddie is a character that I’ve loved to hate throughout this one. In my head, she’s got a voice like Janice from Friends.

This has been completely unpredictable and definitely consumes you. It’s a book that you will tell yourself you need to put down, but at the same time you’ll be turning the pages desperate to know where this is going.

Moss has really outdone himself this book. This is a scintillating read which is a must for the TBR. I one million per cent recommend this book, whether a fan of Moss’ books or a new reader. This is a must read book.

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