After Dark

Thrilled to join Century books for this one. Huge thank you to Laura for my copy.


They dominate workplaces, public spaces and government.

They are no longer afraid to cross a dark car park, catch the last train, or walk home alone.

With the Curfew law in place, all men are electronically tagged and must stay at home after 7pm.

It changed things for the better. Until now.

A woman is murdered late at night and evidence suggests she knew her attacker.

It couldn’t have been a man because a Curfew tag is a solid alibi… Isn’t it?

Wow!! Just wow!! I’m speechless and that doesn’t happen very often. How is this a debut novel? This is just completely addictive and impossible to put down.

Cowie has created a book which is timely and completely believable. Imagine, a curfew being imposed on men and them having house arrest for particular times. There have been so many things in the media recently that this has been completely believable.

Cowie has sent chills down my spine with this one. In a time where a curfew has been imposed, women are meant to be safe. However, can this be manipulated? We move through this one with multiple accounts.

Cass is young and rebellious. It is clear from the very beginning that she has been against the curfew and believes in equality and fairness- even if she can’t change it. Helen is the teacher of “Curfew class” and is often challenged by young case. Mabel is Helen’s best friend and works with Cass’ mum Sarah who tags men. So immediately we have some complex characters present in the pages.

There are so many themes to unpick in this book- equality, violence and attitudes toward women, relationships with older men and younger women, counselling before cohabitation. Regardless on your opinions on any of these issues, it is so easy to become swept up and hooked by the plot.

This moves quickly, but is definitely gripping. Cowie has a fantastic writing style and I have been unable to put this one down. This is a book that needs to be read by everyone. This is definitely a literary masterpiece worthy of all the stars.

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