The Midnight House

A huge thank you to Emily for my spot on this one and copy of this gem.

My Dearest T, Whatever you hear, do not believe it for a moment…

1940: In south-west Ireland, the young and beautiful Lady Charlotte Rathmore is pronounced dead after she mysteriously disappears by the lake of Blackwater Hall. In London, on the brink of the Blitz, Nancy Rathmore is grieving Charlotte’s death when a letter arrives containing a secret that she is sworn to keep – one that will change her life for ever.

2019: Decades later, Ellie Fitzgerald is forced to leave Dublin disgraced and heartbroken. Abandoning journalism, she returns to rural Kerry to weather out the storm. But, when she discovers a faded letter, tucked inside the pages of an old book, she finds herself drawn in by a long-buried secret. And as Ellie begins to unravel the mystery, it becomes clear that the letter might hold the key to more than just Charlotte’s disappearance.

An unforgettable and spellbinding story of secrets, war, love and sacrifice, perfect for readers of Kate Morton, Eve Chase and Louise Douglas.

I have been so excited by this book and it definitely hasn’t disappointed. I have been completely immersed and unwilling to put this one down. This is an absolute gem and it’s a must for the TBR.

Any book set in Ireland is one I need to read. I just love it, the setting is just gorgeous and this book has been a magical read which has completely consumed me until the very last word. I have loved every single page.

The characters are stunning but a mixed bunch. This is a beautiful story of friendship. Ellie is down on her luck and returns from Dublin to her home time.

This is an interesting journey with some fantastic characters. The descriptions are fantastic and this really transports you to the pages. This is a book which becomes impossible to put down. I have devoured page after page and had no regrets. This is a book which is a must read.

Geard is so clever in interweaving the separate narratives into one. I’m not always a fan of multiple timelines but this has been a completely enthralling read. This is well crafted and beautifully written.

Amanda Geard is definitely an author to watch out for. This is a fantastic debut and one I wish I could experience for the first time all over again.

This is without a doubt a must read and one I will be recommending to everyone. I can safely say there is nothing I have disliked about this gem.

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