One Moonlit Night

Accept it, he is dead.
No, it’s not true.
It is. Everyone thinks so except you.

Forced to leave their family home in London after it is bombed, Maddie and her two young daughters take refuge at Knyghton, the beautiful country house in Norfolk where Maddie’s husband Philip spent the summers of his childhood.

But Philip is gone, believed to have been killed in action in northern France. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Maddie refuses to give up hope that she and Philip will some day be reunited.

Arriving at Knyghton, Maddie feels closer to her missing husband, but she soon realises that there’s a reason Philip has never spoken to her about his past. Something happened at Knyghton one summer years before. Something that involved Philip, his cousin Lyle and a mysterious young woman named Flora.

Maddie’s curiosity turns to desperation as she tries to discover the truth, but no one will speak about what happened all those years ago, and no one will reassure her that Philip will ever return to Knyghton.

The extraordinarily powerful new novel from bestselling author Rachel Hore.

This is a fantastic read and one which will take you on a whirlwind. I adore Rachel’s books and this one has not disappointed. This is a book that has stayed on my mind long after reading.

This is a book that has taken my emotions and spin me in circles. I have been transported and felt the anguish of the characters throughout this one.

This is a book which is definitely going to be on the list of favourites by this author. There is literally nothing negative I can say about this one.

The characters are fantastic and well developed as always with Rachel’s books. It is impossible to dislike them and you become so invested that you want good things for them.

This moves at a good pace and I have found myself devouring each page desperately wanting more. I can’t wait to see what is next from Rachel. I have no doubt it will be fantastic.

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