Lake View House

Icy water laps against the wooden jetty. But the girl doesn’t notice the cold as she slips slowly under the freezing surface…

Running from a devastating relationship that almost cost her everything, Maddy Hart impulsively accepts a job as a live-in caretaker at imposing Lakeview House. She has no memories of having visited the crumbling mansion on the banks of Lake Thirlmere before, but when she arrives, something about the house feels familiar…

The more time Maddy spends in the house, the more unsettled she feels. Why does the local story about the last woman who lived here, who drowned on her wedding day, chill Maddy to the bone? By day, she clears out the dusty rooms, but in the dead of night it’s hard to explain away the eerie noises or crackly radio she hears hours after she turned it off. Slowly, Maddy begins to fear that her worst nightmare is coming true, has her past caught up with her…?

When a soaking wet wedding dress is left on Maddy’s doorstep she feels completely trapped. It is her exact measurements. Is her ex trying to send her a message? Or has Maddy’s digging uncovered an even deadlier secret? Will this perfect escape become the perfect trap?

A gripping thriller that will have you turning the pages until the final breathtaking twist. Perfect for fans of Lucy Foley, Lisa Gardner and Ruth Ware.

Lakeview House was previously published as What Lies Below.

I adore Helen’s books. I know I’m in for a great read with Helen’s books. This one hasn’t been any different. I have devoured page after page in just one sitting. I love this book.

This is a book filled with great characters. We get a good feel for them as we read. Phifer has included twists in this one which have been completely unexpected. At occasions, I’ve felt my heart pounding as I’ve read this one.

This is a book which is excellently written and definitely doesn’t disappoint. Helen is able to transport you with her writing and this book is no different.

The plot moves at a good pace and you can definitely feel the tension as you read. I am a huge fan of Helen’s books, I’m already eagerly anticipating the next one.

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