New Beginnings at Roseford Hall

The start of a brand new series from bestselling author Fay Keenan.

Life in London has lost its sparkle for Stella Simpson.

So when she gets the opportunity to escape to the country for a year, it seems too good a chance to miss. In the beautiful Somerset countryside, the majestic Roseford Hall has been painstakingly restored and is now ready for its grand opening. And as the writer in residence, Stella gets to see it all  – from the rowdy resident peacocks, the hidden secrets of the Hall, to befriending the Lord of the Manor himself.

At the other end of Roseford, single father, Chris Charlton is facing his own refurbishment woes. Rocked by a tragedy two years previously, his plans for crumbling Victorian wreck Halstead House are as stuck as he is. 

As Roseford Hall prepares to welcome a new era, and Halstead House’s future is under threat, Chris and Stella find themselves drawn to one another. Can they finally leave their pasts behind, and will Chris and Stella be able to embrace their new beginnings together – or apart… 

Escape to the beautiful, idyllic English countryside with Fay Keenan. Romantic, feel-good and utterly charming, this is perfect for all fans of Julie Houston, Cathy Bramley and Holly Martin.

Fay Keenan is a great author. This is a delightful and charming read which is filled with charm, wonderful characters and eloquence.

This book has it all, romance and drama. It is a gorgeous setting and Keenan has transported me to Roseford Hall with her writing.

This is an enchanting read and it has been a joy to visit Roseford hall. I’ve loved Stella and the journey through this one with her.

There is nothing negative I can say about this one. It’s been an absolute delight to read and I can’t wait for more.


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