To Kiss You Again by Nicola Lowe

Delighted to join the blog tour with Random Things Tours for this gem today.

A bright future awaits Lily Forshaw, who feels like the luckiest girl in the world. A future she fought for, cried for, and risked her heart and soul for.

Lily’s life is incredible, yet a small, deep scar remains etched upon her heart. A wound that will never truly heal, for the scar is a memory. A memory and a hope of what ifs and what might have been.

Lily’s friendships are about to be tested, her career threatened, and her perfect love is set to falter – can any of this be repaired?

Meanwhile, the man she left in the past, holding a piece of her heart, has found his way back to her at a time when nothing else makes sense anymore.

What will Lily do? Will she fight for what she is about to lose? Or will she seek a new beginning?

Catch up with Lily, Cassie, Zack, and Luke in the hotly anticipated sequel to The Missed Kiss

My Bookish Thoughts

Nicola Lowe made me cry with the previous book. I can safely say, I opened this with some anxiety over whether she would shatter my heart even more.

This is a fantastic sequel and an amazing read. We revisit Lily who is a great character, Luke who won my heart and Zack who I wasn’t fond of in book one.

This is gorgeously written and has taken me right back to the characters. I feel as though my heart has hurt reading parts of this fantastic romance. This is definitely a page Turner for fans of the genre. I have loved it and honestly think this is a book which will melt even the coldest heart.

I have been TEAM LUKE since book one and have definitely been invested and taken on an emotional rollercoaster throughout the journey with these characters.

I have cried all over again reading this one. But I have loved every page and will definitely be recommending this beautiful love story.


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