Strictly Christmas Spirit

From disco balls to Christmas baubles …
Ex-dancer Emily Williams turned her back on the sparkle of popular dancing show Strictly Dancing with Celebs to help those in need. Now the only dancing she does is teaching lonely pensioners to waltz, and the closest she gets to disco balls is making baubles with the homeless people in her Christmas crafts class.
She’s certainly not star-struck when Hollywood heart-throb Blake Harris is sent to her at short notice for community service, and has no desire to babysit the arrogant actor with his bad boy antics and selfish ways. Christmas might be a time for miracles, but Blake seems to be a lost cause.
But Emily’s reasons for abandoning her dancing passion means she understands the Hollywood wild child more than she’d like to admit. Could their time together, coupled with a dash of Christmas spirit, lead to a miracle change of heart for them both?
Book 3 in Helen’s Spotlight series but they can all be read as standalone stories.

I absolutely adore Helen Buckley, this is another absolutely gorgeous gem and a book that must be read.

This is the most beautiful read and I have devoured page after page in just one sitting. I have loved everything about this. The characters are fantastic and extremely likeable.

This is a book that has warmed my heart and left me with a big huge smile. This is the book to curl up with after a busy day because it’s perfect.

Helen writes in a way that you feel as though you are there with the characters and know them personally. The scenes are set vividly and you are left warm and happy from this book.

This is without a doubt a five star read and an absolute must read.

Happy reading,

Little Miss Book Lover xoxo


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