Nothing I Wouldn’t Do

Thrilled to join Random Things Tours for this one today. Thank you to Anne for my spot and thank you to Simon and Schuster for the advanced copy of this gem.

How far would you go to protect a friend?

Jax Levy is an almost thirty-year-old low-paid ‘journalist’ with no hope of progression. She has a love life only ever centred around a bad decision and a family too complicated to explain. 

The one area of life that Jax has down are her friends – Clara, Omni and Alice are the loves of her life. So, when Clara announces her engagement to Ed, Jax hides all of her feelings of insecurity, and commits to becoming the perfect maid-of-honour. 

That is until she discovers something about Ed that will destroy everything. Panicked and irrational, Jax makes a snap decision to go on a wild mission to save her best friend from heartache. But the truth is far more complicated than Jax had imagined and that decision soon comes back to bite her . . . 

Perfect for fans of Emma Jane Unsworth, Caroline O’Donoghue and shows like Girls, this is a novel about the strength of female friendship and learning to accept yourself.

I absolutely adore this author and The High Moments was so fantastic I instantly jumped at the chance of joining this one. I can safely say that I haven’t been disappointed. This book is even better than the previous book, I have been completely pulled in and unwilling to put down.

This is beautifully written and pulls you in as a reader. This is filled with real women- real, honest and occasionally a little on the vulgar side. However, they have made this a superb read. I adore that the author has included exploration of the insecurities of women in this novel.

The author has hooked me from the very first pages of this one. The plot has flowed perfectly and it has kept me engaged as well as making me laugh out loud numerous times.

This has been a quick and easy read which I haven’t been able to put down. The book has provided the me with the perfect escape after a busy day. I absolutely cannot wait to see what this author has in store for us next.

A definite five star read which I highly recommend.

Happy reading

Little Miss Book Lover xoxox

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