My Best Friend’s Secret

Absolutely thrilled to share my review of this one.

Kate Sullivan has a beautiful home, a job she loves and a handsome fiancé: all she’d ever dreamed of since getting sober and painstakingly piecing her life back together.

But a chance encounter with her old best friend Becky threatens Kate’s newfound and fragile happiness. Kate remembers nothing of their last drunken night out, the night Becky broke off their friendship without warning or explanation.

With Becky back in her life, Kate is desperate to make amends for the past. For the closure she craves, Kate needs to know what she did that ruined everything. But what if the truth is worse than Kate could have imagined?

Wow oh wow!! What a book!! I have inhaled this gem and been completely captivated and pulled into the pages of this one. How is this a debut novel? How will any review I write do this gem justice?

Emily Freud is really going to be a name to watch out for in the world of psychological thrillers. This is a book which will steal your attention and leave you desperate to find out what the secrets really are.

Kate is one of our main protagonists, she is likeable and honest about the issues she has experienced. We follow her journey as a recovering alcoholic who is keen to rebuild her life. We encounter the chance meeting with Becky on a night out with her fiancée. This is where we really start to see unraveling of secrets.

This is well written and laced with tension and suspense. I have been completely caught up in this story and unable to predict where this was going. I can safely say I’ve been left speechless and completely wanting more from this author.

Emily Freud, please get writing because I 100% need more. This is an absolute MUST read which definitely should be on the TBR. This is a book that absolutely needs to be a bestseller.

Happy reading,

Little Miss Book Lover xoxox


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