All the Fun of the Fair

The Fair is the only good thing that happens every year. And Fiona Larson is the only person in town who’s never been.

She’s pretended to go – but she’s never been allowed. Because, before Fiona was even born, her sister died there. 

This year, everything will be different. 

Fiona is about to turn twelve – older than her sister was. This summer, Fiona will save some money, make new friends, and finally have some fun at The Fair.

But what she’ll actually do is:
– Find a mysterious bag in a bush
– Spy on everyone
– Lose her only friend
– Make a lot of lists
– Learn the truth about what happened at The Fair…

Fresh and hilarious, All the Fun of the Fair is a deeply poignant coming-of-age novel from sensational talent Caroline Hulse.

This book has completely exceeded my expectations and been a book that I have loved more than I thought I would.

This is a witty, coming of age novel, which introduces us to Fiona who is a likeable main character. The novel is filled with laugh out loud moments as well as moments that will break your heart.

There are lots of twists and turns in this book. It has been an enjoyable read which I have devoured. This is quirky and unlike anything I’ve read previously.

This is well written and has taken me back to the nineties. This is filled with authentic human behaviour and characters that I have loved. This is definitely a book that I highly recommend.

Happy reading

Little Miss Book Lover xoxo

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