The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle

A huge thank you to Rosie for my advanced copy of this one.


Albert Entwistle was a postman. It was one of the few things everyone knew about him. And it was one of the few things he was comfortable with people knowing.

64-year-old Albert Entwistle has been a postie in a quiet town in Northern England for all his life, living alone since the death of his mam 18 years ago. He keeps himself to himself. He always has. But he’s just learned he’ll be forced to retire at his next birthday. With no friends and nothing to look forward to, the lonely future he faces terrifies him. He realises it’s finally time to be honest about who he is. He must learn to ask for what he wants. And he must find the courage to look for George, the man that, many years ago, he lost – but has never forgotten . . .

Join Albert as he sets out to find the long-lost love of his life, and has an unforgettable and completely life-affirming adventure on the way . . . This is a love story the likes of which you have never read before!

This is another of my anticipated gems for the year. The gorgeous cover instantly stole my attention and I was pulled in very quickly.

I absolutely adored Albert, his dread of retiring has been clear from the very beginning. This is a heartwarming, light and sweet story with deep meaning.

Throughout the novel, we find out about Albert’s traumatic past. There are so many characters supportive of Albert. I just want to hug him.

This is completely unique and I love the fact that the author has included the exploration of Albert’s sexuality.

I love Headline books and this is another delightful literary masterpiece. It has been a pleasure getting to know Albert and I have really enjoyed looking back at his life.

It has been an endearing journey which allows Albert to find his voice and open up to other characters. I absolutely need more Albert.

This is a definite five star read which I highly recommend.


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