County Lines Road

Thrilled to share my review of this one today.

Next-door-neighbours, Karen and Terri, have always tried to do right by their errant kids but when a simple joyride goes horribly wrong and the two teenagers are captured by a county lines drug gang, they’re not sure who to turn to.

Dragged away to the gang’s suburban lair will Tomas and Jodie find the strength to escape? And even if they do escape, how can they protect their mums and everyone else they love from the gang’s threat of retaliation?

My Bookish Thoughts

This has been a book that has captured my interest from the synopsis and one that definitely hasn’t disappointed.

This is my first read by this author but I have not been disappointed, I have definitely been converted as a fan and keen to read more by this author.

County lines is something that seems to be big in tv, media and I’ve never read a book with this theme prior to this book. The author has really portrayed the reality of how this works and the realism of life for those involved.

I have found characters in this book likeable and have wanted the best for them. This is a book which I have been completely pulled into, unable to put down and have devoured this in just one sitting.

I have really enjoyed this book and have found this unique and original.

Happy reading

Little Miss Book Lover xoxo

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