What She Knew

With the sound of the doorbell, the past she ran from catches up with her.

Baby on hip, Angela Myles hums as she lays out breakfast before the school run, when an unexpected knock on the door stops her in her tracks. But when she sees the familiar face through the peephole, she immediately tries to run with her kids out the back door. Because Angela knows her visitor, she knows why they’re here, and she’ll never give up her children.

Hours later, as the police talk softly to Angela’s terrified children, trying to unpick her last moments, they wonder what other secrets she was hiding from those around her. And then another woman goes missing. How many more will pay the price for Angela’s silence?

Absolutely unputdownable. A gripping, heart-pounding read for fans of Lisa Gardener, Rachel Abbott and Cara Hunter.

What She Knew was previously published as The Cold Room.

I absolutely adore this author so instantly jumped at this blog tour which is for the third book in this series. This is a dark gritty novel which will keep the reader on the edge of their seat and desperately turning page after page.

This is a gripping and addictive novel which I have devoured in one sitting. This is an unpredictable read which the author has filled with twists and turns. I am a huge fan of this author and this is quite possibly my favourite book yet.

I love how this is filled with tension and suspense. It has made this a novel which is impossible to put down and really keeps you guessing as a reader. There is nothing negative I can say about this novel. It is a definite five star read.


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