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How does one go from socializing at the country club with the perfect family, living in a mansion and driving a Lexus—to wrestling salamanders and tutus with two feuding daughters, living in a rundown ski lodge and driving a demonic minivan? 

Megan’s post-divorce life has proven more difficult than binge eating fruitcake. 

With no particular skill set, and the dating pool thinner than a piece of tinsel, she considers giving in to sweatpants, carbs, and bottomless mugs of eggnog. 

However, when her sisters ask her to renovate the old Mistletoe Lodge, Megan optimistically accepts.

Stone Reynolds has sworn off work and women. 

However, upon hearing about a rustic ski lodge in desperate need of remodeling, the handsome, rugged handyman can’t help but want in. 

Megan is modern luxe, white fur, and chandeliers. 

Stone is rustic elements, vintage accents, and weathered wood. 

The last thing Megan wants is a flannel-wearing, country music loving, know it all contractor. 

The one thing Stone can’t afford is a beautiful, complicated distraction. 

As sleigh rides and mistletoe swirl around them, an unexpected kiss nearly melts the snow off their boots. 

As the old lodge gets a fresh start, will they discover that second chances aren’t just for fixer-uppers?

This book is just absolute perfection, wrapped in a gorgeous cover which just screams ”read me”.

I have loved everything about this book from start to finish. I have devoured this book in just one sitting and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment spent reading this one.

This is just one of those books that leaves you with the warm fuzzy feeling and it’s even more perfect because it’s a Christmas themed read. I have nothing negative I can say about this one.

This book has an element of elegance and sophistication and the characters are extremely likeable. The setting is described so clearly I feel as though I have been there.

This has been a perfect winter read and I have really enjoyed curling up with this gem. It has left me smiling and wanting to read more by this author. I have definitely been converted as a fan of this author.

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