Homeward Bound Richard Smith

A huge thank you to Richard Smith for the copy of this gorgeous book.

  • Paperback: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Matador
  • Release date: November 26th 2019

George is a recently widowed seventy-nine-year-old. He nearly made it as a rock star in the 1960s and he’s not happy. Tara is his teenage granddaughter and she’s taken refuge from her bickering parents by living with George. Toby is George’s son-in-law and he wants George in a care home. 

George has two secrets. 1) He’s never revealed why his music career stalled. And 2) No-one knows just how much the disappointment of opportunities missed still gnaw at him. He craves one last chance, even at his age. When it presents itself, through the appearance of a long-lost distant relative – whose chequered past should set alarm bells ringing – he can’t resist. 

For Tara, living with her grandfather is a way to find her own path and develop her own musical ambitions. She isn’t prepared for the clash between different generations and living in a strange house full of her grandfather’s memories – and vinyl records.

They get off to a shaky start. George takes an instant dislike to the sounds from her bedroom that seem more suited to Guantanamo Bay than anything he would call musical. But as time plays out, they find there are more similarities – neither know how to operate a dishwasher – than differences, and parallels across the generations slowly bring them to recognise their shared strengths. But when Toby inadvertently sets in motion a chain of events, it leaves Tara with the same dilemma her grandfather faced five decades before with the same life-changing choice to make.

My Review:

This book was a gift from the author and I am so thankful for the opportunity to read and review this one. This has been a fun and interesting read which I have found difficult to put down.

Music is intertwined throughout this story of family, love, hopes and dreams. Smith has really managed to bring the characters in this one to life. I’ve found them likeable and realistic throughout.

This is so well written that I have devoured this book in just one sitting and it has been a lovely book to escape with. This has definitely helped me switch off from the harsh reality of the current times.

I absolutely love how the relationships have developed throughout this gorgeous book. It has been an absolute pleasure to review this book. Smith is a new author for me, but this won’t be the only book on my shelf of this author’s.

Another five star rating from me, I have really enjoyed reading this one and highly recommend this to other bookish friends.

About the Author:

Richard Smith is a writer and storyteller for sponsored films and commercials with subjects as varied as bananas in Cameroon, oil from the North Sea, fighting organised crime and caring for older people. Their aim has been to make a positive difference, but, worryingly, two commercials he worked on featured in a British Library exhibition, ‘Propaganda’.

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